Chakradance with Tracy King


Chakradance is a dance practice for the soul. Drawing from the wisdom of Jungian Psychology and a deep understanding of the chakra system, Chakradance blends free-flowing movements with specially-sourced music and chakra-specific imagery to help you free the energy in your body and open to a deeper experience of life.

This nine-week workshop series is a beautiful and empowering way to heal. While this is done in a group setting, the total number of participants is limited, so you can go on your journey with individual attention and a small, supportive community.

Each 90-minute workshop will include an opening meditation, dancing with chakra-specific music and guided imagery for each of the seven chakras, mandala artwork creation, plus a closing meditation.

In a safe and sacred space lit only by candle-light, you will move from your outer, everyday life, into your rich inner, imaginative world. It is from here that deep inner healing is activated.

Chakradance is safe for all body types and fitness levels. Please bring a water bottle, dress in clothes that allow free movement, and be prepared to dance barefoot.

$244 for the 9-week series
Pre-registration is required.

3/24 – 5/19