Astrological Meditation-what's your sign?

This is the one time you will feel comfortable being asked "what's your sign?" at a bar.

Join Virgina Palmer on an Astrological Meditation journey September 23rd from 2 to 4pm at the Meditation Bar.  Astrology Meditation is an innovative method to experience the energy of the planets, the astrological signs and your individual natal matrix.

Virginia Palmer will give an overview of how the particular energy and position of each planet influences your physical life. As you gain knowledge of the interactions of the planets, influence of the signs and transits in your individual natal chart, you also gain understanding of yourself, friends, family and the world.

Virginia will guide you on Four Astrological Meditative Journeys:

  • Experiencing the Planets
  • Feeling the Energy of the Signs
  • Transforming the Aspects
  • Living Your Chart, Your Soul’s Path

Each participant receives a copy of their astrological natal chart with reference to important signs, their Sun and Moon. They will also receive a 15-minute personal astrology recorded reading to be scheduled at a later date.

We are energy in motion, always growing, changing, and evolving. When we align ourselves with our own unique energies and the movement of the planets, we can experience balance, ease and harmony in our daily life. Welcome to a Meditative Journey with your Stars!

Saturday, September 23rd

About Virginia:

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., is Founder/Director of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation and Partner in MV Green Power LLC. Virginia has a BA in Journalism/Political Science; MA in Counseling/Physical Education and a Ph.D. in Human Development. She combines 30 years of teaching Meditation, presenting Personal Power seminars, Transformational Leadership trainings and Conscious Dreaming workshops. Virginia assists individuals and groups to clarify goals, transform visions, and manifest desires so that they more fully live their dreams.

As a therapist, and Success coach, Virginia Palmer is committed to inspire and empower people to live richer, more successful lives in a balanced environment.

Dr. Palmer is certified in the following areas: Vitality Meditation Practice; Western Astrology; Enneagram Personality Types; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Inner Child Dynamics; Mediation and gives certifications in Conscious (Lucid) Dreaming.

Virginia is author of StressWorks; Leadership and Group Dynamics; Personal Management Pattern; Faces of Power, A Guide to Personal Empowerment; Seven Faces of Soul; Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success and Dream Power, Unlocking the Magic of Lucid Dreaming. She lives in Austin, TX.

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