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Are you looking to increase and deepen your pleasure? Would you like to learn how mindfulness can benefit your sex life? Mindful sex practice opens lovers to a whole new world of pleasure and connection.  Sex Therapists use mindfulness to help clients explore discover, and communicate needs and desires. Join Melissa Hargrave, LPC-S, LMFT-S, as she guides you through a meditation on pleasure, breathwork, and pleasure mapping exercises toward bringing more presence to your pleasure.

MELISSA HARGRAVE is an inspirational speaker, therapist, and clinical supervisor, who provides sex-positive psychotherapy and advocates for healthy sexuality across the lifespan. She presents on a wide range of topics and has a talent for connecting with her audiences and providing actionable strategies for positive change. Today Melissa is most often invited to utilize her passion, energy, and warm personal style, to speak about sex and relationships. Audiences describe her as warm, direct, and engaging. Her presentations are known for being as practical as they are inspiring. She is a radical advocate for healthy and happier sexual relationships. 

Sunday, Feb 11th., 3:30-4:45 PM


Josh Walpole