The Evolutionary Intelligence of Dreams: Unlocking Their Secrets for Guidance and Wisdom With Len Worley
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We spend two hours each night dreaming—that’s one month each year. Why does Nature make such an enormous investment in this mysterious process? Furthermore, how can we crack the code and make use of this purposeful, necessary, and highly intelligent process?

The answers are in. Combining science with mythology, depth psychology, and meditative/spiritual practice, we can understand what is at work in our dreams, and as a result, cooperate with the evolutionary function of dreaming.

This 4-hour workshop is presented by Len Worley, PhD who draws from his careers in psychology, bodywork, and dream-studies. Topics covered:

• New neuroscience of sleep and dreaming—why they are more important than realized to immune function, creative thought, and ability to learn and remember.

• Dispel common cultural misperceptions that misdirect us from the truth and intention of a dream.

• Essential guiding principles that are useful for remembering and understanding dreams.

•Meditative practices that enable one to re-enter the dream state while awake in order to ask questions and receive guidance from dream figures.

Sunday, Feb 4th., 1:00-5:00 PM

$100 Before 1/28/2018

$125 After 1/28/2018

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