Mind Alive | Creating a Flow State & High Functioning Mind

Mind integration is the ultimate performance tool! Whether you’re an athlete, an executive, a mom, or
student, a high functioning mind makes life better and happier!

If you suffer from poor sleep, anxiety, trauma, or mental fatigue from a hectic modern society, the “Mind Alive Workshop” is for you! Tension, discord, and dysrhythmias disappear when you apply the
Mind Alive techniques.

Developed by Dr. Bruce Wayne Meleski (Dr. Mel), the “Mind Alive Workshop” provides a multi-pathway model to create a Flow State in your mind. The workshop allows you to personalize a program, start small and progress at your own speed toward an integrated mind. Attend one session or all four sessions.

Saturdays | Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11, Nov 18
$150 early bird
$175 day of
or $45 for individual session

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About Dr. Mel:
As an elite collegiate athlete, Dr. Bruce Wayne Meleski (Dr. Mel) learned what it takes to be successful and created the Body Logic systems model for training and rehabilitation. Converting this model into a software platform, Dr. Mel helped train more than 250,000 athletes and more than 400 NCAA champions.

In 2008, Dr. Mel identified a missing link in lifestyle prevention, brain health, and cast a wide net for natural and holistic solutions to assist individuals in quieting their fight/flight/freeze response, an epidemic in modern society. Dr. Mel’s “Mind Alive Workshop” is a result of that journey and targets personalized approaches for restorative sleep, brain power, and awareness

Josh Walpole