Class Etiquette

What the heck should I wear? 

The great thing about meditation is that no special equipment or clothing is necessary. Just take off your shoes before you enter the meditation room. 

Can I call my friend during? 

We understand it’s an amazing experience you’d love to share, but please wait until the end of a session. We provide cubbies for your belongings. Please power off your phone and store it with your valuables.

I’M READY. When should I arrive? 

For walk-ins, it is advised to arrive 10 minutes early. Give yourself time to get comfortable while our instructors can check you in. Once the session has begun, no late arrivals will be allowed into the meditation room. 


Hmmm… How do I sit? 

Just seat yourself comfortably! We have a variety of seating options along with props to accommodate every type of meditator. You’re also welcome to bring your own cushion or support.

Can I yell out in celebration of my immediate mental clarity after class? 

Yes, but please make your way to our comfy resource area for conversation and any questions you may have for the instructor. Some meditators come out of their meditation more slowly than others. 


Account Questions

Booking a Session
We accept both online reservations and walk-ins. But, booking online will guarantee your space in a session.

Steps to book a class:


Classes are group meditation sessions. We offer several different types, several times a day, so there is one to fit your needs and schedule. View classes or learn what to expect.

2. CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT- [has the class button]

Or simply drop by the studio, we’ll get you set up.


Classes are generally limited to 30 participants. A reservation ensures your spot, but drop-ins are always welcome. Book a class.