Our Teachers


Tracy Sage King

More than a teacher, Tracy is an intuitive guide, and healing facilitator who is an expert in creating and holding sacred space for transformative, amazing events. As a Certified Sound Therapist and Certified Holographic Sound Healer, Tracy has a deep understanding of the human electromagnetic field, the chakra energy system, and how crystals and sound interact with these fields. She is trained in how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal and sound energy.

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Krista Lea

As a teacher, Krista Lea offers dynamic and self-reflective classes that enhance awareness. Her mission is to hold space for healing and guide others to feel freedom within body and mind. She infuses her classes with crystal bowls, chakra balancing, breath work, and weaves in self-empowerment teachings. She reccomends a Release class if you'd like to experience these all combined with mindful yoga flow.

Her teaching style is sure to leave you confident and uplifted. She received certifications as a Mindfulness and Meditation and Yoga Instructor. She brings to her classes a soft voice and ASMR techniques (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) that serves as a potent nervous system elixir. Learn more about Krista at Halfmoon Meditation.com


Josh Walpole

First a student, Josh started his journey with meditation in extreme skepticism. As a creative guy who spent time in the advertising industry, before becoming a full-time parent of two, he knew the wear and tear of stressful+emotionally charged days, all too well. But in a game of hide and seek for balance in his life, John began a meditation practice which finally lead him to finding a renewed sense of wellness.


Marie Young

Marie has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2005. She discovered yoga in 2001 and embraced Anusara yoga; a Hatha practice that emphasizes alignment, optimal bio-mechanics, and heart-centeredness— because of the joy and freedom from pain it offered. She trained in Los Angeles and started teaching immediately.

She recently started the Round Rock Women’s Meditation Meetup out of her home to offer more meditation to women in Austin’s northern suburbs. She loves to use isochronic tones in her classes to deepen the experience for her students. She is also a relationship coach and a mindfulness and meditation educator.


Cory Shamis

Cory found meditation in 2014 when he decided to retire a life of hedonism and investment banking in New York and ride an old dusty motorcycle out west to California.  Searching for some headspace and perspective he stopped in Joshua Tree for a 10 Day Vipassana meditation silent retreat.  Through the intense silence and lack of worldly distractions, he discovered the importance of understanding and navigating our own internal environment.  Since then he has carried a continued enthusiasm through daily practice which never ceases to provide new insights and shifting perspectives.  He is excited for the opportunity to help others improve the quality and texture of their everyday experience through building awareness and self-compassion. 

Dr. Cass Naumann

Dr. Naumann has a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, with an honors concentration in Integrative Medicine: Qigong and the effects of Vibrational Healing. She is a certified Asian bodyworker, a Reiki master/teacher, and a certified Yoga teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching various styles of Yoga, Tai Qi, Qigong, meditation and holistic lifestyle principles. Postgraduate studies have included trauma recovery with acupuncture and herbs, certification as an acupuncture detox specialist (NADA), Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture, cupping therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Shakujyu Japanese meridian therapy, and a Doctoral study abroad intensive on Japanese techniques in Kyoto, Japan.


Billy White

Shingetsu Billy provides a meditative journey in healing sound through overtone singing. He is an internationally acclaimed singer and musician for 30 years, long time student of zen and tibetan buddhism, yoga, and various shamanic traditions. Experience a new kind of “performance” using voice and instruments from various parts of the world and enjoy his new album that is a culmination of many years of sound meditations at the heart is awake.

Sandee Conroy

Singing Bowls entered Sandee's life in 2001.  Through personal study and time, she has developed a powerful method of sound meditation. Sandee has two CDs - The Art of Balance; and The Portal.  In addition to monthly Austin Area Sound Bath sessions and Workshops, private group sessions are also available. Sandee has shared the stage with various artists, including Grammy winner Jeffrey Barnes. Venues have included the United Nations Church Center, Yankee Stadium Legends Club, Austin City Limits— Studio 6A, 35 Denton Music Festival, Steeplechase Cancer Center, Rutgers University, as well as various regional Hospitals, Health, Yoga and Religious Centers.  For more information, please visit SingingBowlLady.com


Larisa West

Larisa is a Massage Therapist, as well as a Yoga, Bowspring, and Meditation teacher. Hoping to find a good workout, she stepped into her first yoga class in 2010. Unexpectedly, she found there was much more being offered than just burning calories, and dove deep into learning many different styles and aspects of self-improvement, spirituality, and body awareness. Her classes emphasize the incredible healing power of breath, and if you’re lucky, she may sing you a song.


Sheila Morataya


Paige Davis

Paige Davis is a certified meditation teacher with the McLean Meditation Institute.

She is passionate about inspiring change from a personal place of awareness. Paige created Soul Sparks as a destination to inspire and empower individuals and companies looking to create a meaningful and accessible approach to living a more mindful life through meditation + mindfulness programs.