People have been meditating for thousands of years. And, we know why. 

Meditation started as a religious practice, with the earliest known written records coming from Hindu traditions around 1500 BCE. Since, it’s grown into many methods and practices throughout the world. 

Today, most modern meditation practices are focused on stress reduction and other mindfulness, rather than focusing on religious growth and connection. 

At Meditation Bar, we recognize the indigenous roots of meditation, while creating a safe and accessible space for everyone to enjoy it. 

Meditation improves immune function by boosting antibodies and develops a positive mental environment. Findings demonstrate increases in patterns of the brain associated with positive affect.

Your brain physically changes the more you meditate. It actually reshapes itself. Scientists have used brain imaging techniques and have discovered changes in the area of the brain that elicits fear - which points to increases in happiness.

Life is full of perceived hurdles. You can choose to go around, go under or go right through them. Research concludes those who meditate are more likely to come up with new ideas. A clear brain is a creative brain.


Our Philosophy

  • keeping meditation accessible 

  • giving credit where it’s due 

  • sharing our knowledge 

  • learning from those around us