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The New York Times
Happy Hour Without the Booze
"Meditation Bar in Austin, Tex., offers “Happy Hour” classes, and MNDFL, which opened in November on East Eighth Street, has quickly morphed into more than a place to just sit in silence.." read the full story

The Austin American Statesman
New Austin meditation studio aims to help athletes focus, perform

"The Austin studio is one of the few secular meditation studios in the country. If the concept works here, the studio’s four co-owners say, they’ll take it to other markets." read the full story

Austin Monthly
An Editor Tries It: Mind Over Matter
"The more you do it, the better you get at it, and the easier you’re able to slip into a moment of calm and quiet. And, I have to admit, about an hour after leaving the class, I was still riding a blissful high." read the full story

The Daily Texan
UT alumni’s Meditation Bar brings mindfulness practice to students
"Deep in meditation, you relax your mind and body and begin attending to your inner self — something fundamental to the mission of Meditation Bar, a studio recently opened by UT alumni Cathy Bonner and Lauren Foreman. Bonner believes meditation should be a part of people’s daily life and created the studio to help people new to meditation get started." read the full story

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Are We There Yet Mom 
"Once relaxed, I found myself thinking about things that I never allow myself to think about – and that is where you wanted to be.  But instead of pushing them away, I allowed the thoughts to flow."