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It’s the truth. Our Shift Happens Package is a roadmap to new perspective and transformation. Kick start your journey with us to a positive mental shift. 


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Crystals For Love & Passion
with Tracy Sage King
February 3, 2019

Learn how to use crystals to increase all forms of love in your life. Join Tracy Sage King, Certified Crystal Healer, to learn how to use crystals to call in a romantic partner, rekindle the intensity of an existing relationship, increase the love you have for yourself, and generally amp up the love in your life. In this workshop, you’ll get many ideas about how to incorporate crystals into your work in manifesting, increasing, and spreading love in your life.

The Four Agreements
with Krista Lea
Thursdays in Feb 7-28, 2019

Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, the Four Agreements has been a transformational tool for readers seeking true happiness which comes from within. By investigating the layers of cultural conditioning or “domestication” we can see through the problem thoughts that keep us stuck.

Krista Lea, will lead the group into a circle of raw truth and clear seeing for your evolution into natural peace. You will be encouraged to reflect and share for a true healing and new understanding.

Gong And Prosperity Workshop
with Janice Samuelson
February 9, 2019

Sound has been used for decades to promote health and spiritual healing. The gong works on all levels of our system to transform and heal you from the vibrations on your skin to moving deeper into energy centers of your body. Join Janice as she ends the week with a “sound bath” to smooth out your week. Come and revive your energy and relax into your weekend.



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